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When was the last time you gave your lady parts a facial? Probably never, but it’s an area that can use the extra love and nourishment every once in a while, especially post hair removal or pre-sexy time.  

Bushbalm is a skincare brand that solves common skin challenges that aren’t often talked about, targeting areas that are often ignored. Think bikini line, underarms, legs, tush, or anywhere else on the body that deserves extra care.  Here at GLW, we are fans of the brand and are regular users of their other amazing skincare/ body care products. Currently Loving: Bushbalm.

The newest addition to the Bushbalm range is called “The Hydrogel Vajacial”, a hydrogel mask, similar to a sheet mask you would use on your face but for your pubic region. This mask, like all Bushbalm products is formulated with high quality, skincare ingredients. The Vagaical, is made from a water-soluble material formulated with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea. The blend of ingredients aim to calm and reduce the look of redness and bumps after hair removal, leaving the skin feeling hydrated, plump and rejuvenated.

Whether you trim, groom, remove – or let your body hair grow this mask was created to take care of your most sensitive areas while making sure you feel confident in your skin down there.

The Vagacial comes in a multipack, 3 masks in the shape of a triangle, to be used on the vagina but can be used other places like your underarms, back of the neck or anywhere you want a little soothing and hydration. 3 masks for the pubic region next to the vagina where can be lots of irritation post hair removal.

So why would you need this and is it necessary to add this to your already extensive beauty routines? I say yes, I used this post wax and was pleasantly surprised at how it took down the redness and any discomfort I sometimes get post waxing. Especially the side, pelvic area strips were especially soothing and I tend to get itchy there a day after waxing. I used the Vajacial Masks following my wax and was shocked at how good I felt the next day. The mask gives a really nice cooling effect that is definitely appreciated post hair removal, similar to how good a sheet mask feels after a night of drinking and eating salty food on the face. I also think this makes a really cute gift idea for a girlfriend, almost like you’re letting them in on a secret solution to something so many of us experience.

We are linking this awesome product down below and hope you enjoy it, because you deserve it! 


Sponsored post by Bushbalm

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