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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that our bodies cannot produce on their own. Some of the most common types of omega-3’s include EPA and DHA, which are found in oily fish like salmon, and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which is naturally found in leafy green vegetables, chia seeds and flax seeds. 

Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to our health and provide a multitude of benefits. 

Decreases Inflammation – Inflammation is the root cause for many major illnesses and diseases. Research shows that high levels of omega-3’s can help reduce overall inflammation; so it’s important to get enough which is why supplements are a great source. 

Improves Cardiovascular HealthOmega-3’s are correlated with good cardiovascular health. They help maintain cholesterol; reduce blood pressure; inhibit blood clots, prevent plaque build-up and decrease high triglyceride levels. 

Potentially Reduces the Risk of Cancer Research shows that omega-3’s are potentially associated with a reduced risk of certain types of cancers. 

Positive Effects on the Brain & Mental Health – When enough omega-3’s are consumed, they can have very positive effects on mental health. Some conditions that can improve include but are not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s and age related decline as well as schizophrenia.   

Imperative for Infant and Child Development – Consuming omega-3’s during infancy and childhood is imperative for proper cognitive development and eye growth.

Promotes Healthy Bones and Joints – Omega-3’s help increase calcium absorption from the gut thereby helping to improve bone strength and enhance the creation of bone collagen.  

Provides Healthy SkinOmega-3’s encourage skin health by slowing down the aging process, managing oil production, reducing inflammation of the skin and helping prevent acne. 

Lowered Risk of Macular Degeneration – DHA and EPA help to lower the risk of macular degeneration which is the leading cause of blindness for people over the age of 60.   

Can Fight Menstrual Pain – Studies show that omega-3’s can have a significant impact on reducing the severity of symptoms associated with menstruation. 

Helps to Inhibit and Regulate Autoimmune Diseases – There are many types of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis or leaky gut syndrome to name a few. Evidence suggested that there is a strong association between omega-3s and preventing/maintaining various auto-immune diseases. 

Supports Healthy Sleep – It’s Imperative that we consume enough omega-3’s, since low levels are associated with sleep issues in both children and adults, and sleep is essential for our overall health. 

There aren’t any official dietary requirements when it comes to the quantity of omega-3’s that should be consumed, although the general rule is to eat foods high in omega-3’s twice a week. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t get sufficient quantities from their diets, which is why supplements are very important. Our favorite supplements are A Vogel or Cymbiotika Vegan omega 3’s, but regardless of what brand you buy, make sure that you choose one that’s high quality. Although there are no known side effects, it’s always a good idea to talk to your health care practitioner before taking any supplements. 


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