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Which Sunscreen is Right For Your Skin Type?

There is nothing worse than investing in products that just don’t work for your skin and when it comes to sunscreen this is a big one. The way our SPF feels on the skin is super important because it’s the last and arguably the most important step of skincare. We’ve all had a sunscreen that feels super heavy, chalky, greasy and looks terrible under makeup. We are giving you a quick guide for the most suitable SPF for your skin type! 



Solara Suncare Guardian Angel Drops

These lightweight drops are the perfect consistency and feel for oilier skin types. The formula is super nourishing and hydrating but not greasy… at all! This SPF is packed with skin loving ingredients like collagen, niacinamide, coq10 to do far more than just protect from sun damage. Simply add a few drops on top of your skincare and follow up with makeup and you are good to go! 


You can also reapply by adding the drops to a makeup sponge later in the day.


COMBINATION- with tendency to pigment: 

Solara Fortune Teller

This is the perfect texture for an everyday spf with the added benefits of vitamin C, which is so important for pigmentation and brightness. This formula is creamy, goes on clear and packs a glowy punch! This spf also contains hyaluronic acid as well as other nourishing and moisturizing actives that give you skincare benefits with the spf protection. 

We recommend reapplying with a makeup sponge or makeup brush. 



Kari Gran Spf 30 

This sunscreen is jam packed with hydrating and calming oils that plump up the skin and leave it feeling happy. This is an excellent option for combination skin types as well but we have gotten amazing feedback from those with reactive and dry skin types who sometimes find it hard to find the right product that doesn’t aggravate the skin. This sunscreen also comes in a tinted option, which provides nice coverage and a blurring effect for anyone dealing with rosacea or dry patches. Pro tip – shake the bottle really well before applying to get all those great  oils mixed together and activated. 


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