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French Farmacie pays homage to the French sense of je ne sais quoi  — a philosophy that favors pared-down minimalism and classic simplicity. Their approach centers around reducing complicated steps and unnecessary ingredients to find balance, ease, and a natural glow. French Farmacie’s namesake is a nod to the highly curated pharmacies in France and their commitment to high-quality products and a community-driven approach.

Years of struggling with infertility and an up-and-down relationship with her skin had Tricia Marlowe, Founder, questioning everything she was putting in and on her body, which led to researching ingredients and eliminating things that didn’t serve her, including a complicated skincare routine. As her interest grew, Tricia leaned into her background in healthcare and partnered with a Harvard-trained chemist to develop science-driven formulations. Along her journey, a trip to Indonesia left a lasting impression, where front-line communities are grappling with the ocean plastic pollution crisis. The life-changing trip became the catalyst for a deeper appreciation that skin health and the health of the world around us are profoundly interconnected. Tricia knew that if she was going to bring a brand into this world, a commitment to making a positive social and environmental impact was essential. Inspired by a healthier vision for people and the Planet, French Farmacie was born — consciously crafted skincare combining results-driven ingredients with a genuine dedication to having a softer impact on the environment. 

Élixir Exfoliant is a 10-30 minute exfoliating treatment mask that goes on like your favorite serum or face oil to shed dull skin cells and even tone and texture after gently wiping clean with warm water and the French Farmacie muslin cloth (included with every order of Élixir Exfoliant to elevate your ritual). The unique oil-based texture of Élixir Exfoliant allows for nourishing and moisturizing benefits. At the same time, natural AHAs and fruit enzymes exfoliate and brighten. Together, Élixir Exfoliant and the French Farmacie muslin cloth unlock the combined power of chemical and physical exfoliation. Use 1-3 times a week on alternate days as an exfoliating treatment mask. FF TIP: Try as an exfoliating lip treatment for très smooth lips.

Sérum Radiant is a powerful, multitasking “face oil meets serum” formula to nourish, soften, balance, and boost your skin’s healthy glow. It contains plant-powered ingredients rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to nourish, repair and regenerate. Sérum Radiant is formulated to stimulate collagen production, balance, and even skin tone, protect your skin barrier and benefit environmentally stressed-out skin. Use it daily morning and/or evening on slightly damp skin. FF TIP: You can also mix 1-2 drops with your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer for that au naturel glow.

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