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Holiday horoscopes: Expect surprise communication and major reveals this month. Honour the emotional tides of change and ring in the new year with a sense of renewed hope. 
Sagittarius ♐️ Nov 23 – Dec 21
Happy Birthday Sag! You’re in the limelight and people are talking about you this month. Have you been naughty or nice ? Pick out your best cocktail dress and make your mark.
Crystal: pyrite and emeralds
Capricorn ♑️ Dec 22 – Jan 21
Who is the queen of the castle ? A major shift shakes your once solid ground, but you can still two-step your way through an earthquake. Your home is wherever your heart takes you.
Crystal: malachite and obsidian
Aquarius ♒️ Jan 22 – Feb 21
Coming together with others brings comfort and joy. Share your ideas for more inspiration. Stock up your favourite snacks for the much needed break from so much work work work.
Crystal: garnet and jasper
Pisces ♓️  Feb 22 – March 21
You can let it all go and start over. You’re ready to move on and find a safe place for your long held dreams. Move forward with the confidence that miracles happen every day.
Crystals: amazonite and aventurine
Aries ♈️ March 22 – April 21
Check your list and check it twice. From feelings to finances you might be all over place until you ask for help. Focus on mind, body and spirit to restore balance.
Crystals: rose quartz and ametrine
Taurus ♉️ April 22 – May 21
Take charge of your life to change your life. Set your intentions and build your systems for the new year. Your new kingdom awaits.
Crystals: green tourmaline and rainbow quartz
Gemini ♊️ May 22 – June 21
Seven days and seven nights on repeat. Stick with your routine even when someone suggests otherwise. You know what works best for you. Take your own advice.
Crystals: pink amethyst and smokey quartz
Cancer ♋️ June 22 – July 22
Give and take what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for more. Buy an extra gift for your own self care kit. You deserve to put yourself first. Help is on the way !
Crystals: fluorite and citrine
Leo ♌️ July 23 – Aug 22
Believe in magic and all your wishes will come true. Take that spark of inspiration and make it burn bright. You’re the chosen one.
Crystals: selenite and carnelian
Virgo ♍️ Aug 23 – Sept 21
A higher love is calling. Something you have always wanted is seeking you too. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Put in the work and expect wonderful results.
Crystals: moonstone and lapis lazuli
Libra ♎️  Sept 22 – Oct 22
Stillness, silence, and solitude. You will need these things like air in order to find the answers you seek. Take the scenic route and buy a new journal.
Crystals: tanzanite and clear quartz
Scorpio ♏️  Oct 23 – Nov 22
You’re being forced to make a hard choice. Have faith that you will make the right decision. Be true to who you are and never give in. Go your own way.
Crystals: bloodstone and red jasper
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