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Everyone has those days where you just want to hide your face, another blemish has appeared! Well, hide no more! Enter August&Monroe and their 3-in-1 blemish treatment! This primer, concealer and corrector does it all. This stick will be your new must-have bag item. It’s also made up of clean ingredients and it’s vegan!

The story of how this came to be was truly a match made in beauty heaven. Alexandra is a professional makeup artist to the stars. She’s seen it all. Every skin concern you can think of. She wanted to know what she could do more. There had to be a product out there that could act as a barrier between the make-up layer but also have healing properties. Michael, who was working in finance at the time, was on his way to a meeting and found a lovely friend on his face. He asked a coworker to help cover it up but found that it did more damage than good. He had a similar thought, there needed to be a product that could cover and treat. Once they met, that is when the journey really started. They merged both of their ideas and got to work on BLEMISH CAMOUFLAGE! Two years later, August&Monroe was born.

It’s simple and easy to use. Click until product comes up at the tip. Dab on your blemish then in circular motions with you finger, blend it in. It color matches as you blend! Continue to do so until you’ve reached your desired color.

Here are some important details about their product.

*information via August&Monroe

Image via August&Monroe
Image via August&Monroe

Feature image via August&Monroe

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