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Recently we’ve been having a love affair with dates and for good reason! This naturally sweet fruit comes from the date palm tree and has been enjoyed for thousands of years. Filled with tons of fiber, vitamins and minerals, dates are not only delicious but they are extremely nutritious too; making them a great addition to any healthy diet.

Benefits of Dates

Decreases Triglyceride Levels – Studies show that consuming dates can help reduce the amount of triglycerides in the blood. This is important since balanced triglyceride levels are a key factor in preventing the risk of heart disease. 

Reduces Cholesterol Levels – By increasing the levels of insoluble and soluble fiber, dates help to naturally reduce cholesterol levels thereby decreasing the risk of heart disease.  

Inhibits and Alleviates Constipation – Due to the high soluble fiber content, these dried fruits aid with regularity and inhibit constipation by helping bowel movements move through the intestines more easily. 

Packed with Phytochemicals – Dates are packed with phytochemicals; biologically active compounds present in plants that significantly impact our health. Some of the benefits of phytochemicals include but are not limited to, improved hormone regulation, reduced inflammation, increased immunity and a decrease in the growth of cancer cells. 

Energy Enhancer – Dates possess natural sugars like fructose, glucose and sucrose, all of which are low on the glycemic index and easily converted by the body, making dates the perfect go-to snack for that extra boost of energy.

While there are many types of dates, the most common ones include Medjool dates and Deglet Noor dates (referred to as the regular ones). Although all varieties are extremely healthy, we personally prefer Medjool dates as they are bigger, softer, sweeter and easier to manipulate in recipes, especially when it comes to removing the pit. 

Whether we’re using dates to sweeten our nut milk or in our apricot energy balls, this dried fruit is a great alternative to processed sugar. That being said, due to the high natural sugar content, it’s important that dates are eaten in moderation (1-2 a day) because too much of anything is never a good idea and could produce adverse effects. 

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