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Whether it be with your partner or flying solo, Boutique Ousias has all the best sex toys and oils for your needs. They are your top destination for pleasure. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like an orgasm? Here are a few items that can help you get there, again and again. 


For solo pleasure or with a partner

The Tennis Coach 

While The Tennis Coach may look and feel smooth, it’s power will leave you wanting more! Designed to give you the ultimate G-Spot orgasm, this silent vibrator has a rounded head to provide a powerful massage for your most desirable area. Simply put… cue Bridgerton episode 5, lay back and enjoy. You are SO welcome. 


Le Wand BOW

Perfectly curved and stainless steel, the Bow will send you into cosmic bliss when pressed firmly against your G-spot or P-spot (Guys, we got you too!) ultimately bringing you to that big O. Switch things by cooling it down or warming it up in water to enhance the intensity of your pleasure. Pairs perfectly with the Agent Nateur Holi(sex) Intimate Oil. 


GLW Team’s Favorite Oil

Agent Nateur Holi(sex) Intimate Oil

For those solo nights or when you want to have a little extra fun with your partner, the Holi(sex) sensual oil will warm up while being applied and will increase your libido. This also doubles up and can be used right after bathing to treat any dryness. 


We didn’t forget about our ladies with sensitive skin (we know sometimes it can chafe)

Lady Suite Glow Skin Refiner Intimate Toner for Stubborn Skin

Your top solution for ingrown hairs, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and rough skin. The Glow Skin Refiner Intimate Toner is designed to caress our most sensitive and well-loved areas.


Lady Suite Refreshing Probiotic Cleanser for Harmony Down South

A must use after your playtime is over. The Refreshing Probiotic Cleanser is designed to wash and soothe while restoring the pH balance for tranquility in your lady parts. 

Ladies (and gents), there’s no time like the present (thank you pandemic) to test out your adult toys and enjoy a little down-town for yourself! Boutique Ousias has a variety of products to choose from and in case you missed it, we covered some other personal massagers. Want to keep the pleasure going? Check out the article here


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