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With so many delicious choices of meals to make, the GLW team has rounded up what their menu is going to look like this Valentine’s Day.

Almond Butter Brownies

We released a list of natural aphrodisiacs this week, so of course i had to choose a sensual, chocolaty, mood boosting treat… chocolate is always a good choice, especially when it’s a healthier-for-you recipe. Plus, home baked goods always make my Forever-Valentine happy! 


Pasta Puttanesca

There’s just something about a plate of spaghetti that screams romance to me… not only because i’m marrying an Italian but also because it reminds me of the iconic spaghetti kiss from a favorite childhood movie, The Lady and the Tramp. Pasta Puttanesca which literally translates to… “spaghetti in the style of a prostitute”… it’s totally fitting for a sexy and romantic evening, am I right? 


Salmon Tartare

My partner and I would always go to a romantic restaurant on Valentine’s day and enjoy a tartare with a good bottle of wine or bubbly. But since we can’t dine in restaurants at the moment, I’m bringing restaurant quality dining to us. This recipe is meant for a serving of 2 and it will definitely impress your Valentine. 

Coconut Butter Bars/ Cups

I have made these for Valentine’s day before in cute heart shaped silicone moulds. I will link them here! You can follow the recipe and replace it with the heart shaped moulds. These are a great sweat, healthier treat that don’t leave you feeling weighed down, making them perfect for pre sexy time!


Lentil Leek Jewelled Rice

This rice is so underrated and has so many amazing textures and flavours. It includes pistachios, which are a natural aphrodisiac! It’s also a great “one and done” meal so you can get to desert quicker!


Roasted Beets
Roasted Beets

Beets increase blood flow which can get you in the mood and they’re also a beautiful rich red color, which is very on brand for valentine’s day! Serve them alongside your favourite meal!

Banana Almond Brûlée

I understand how you may think this dessert is weird for Valentine’s Day, but think of it this way; warm, honey (natural aphrodisiac), can drizzle chocolate on top, now it works. This dessert will leave you feeling warm and sweet. 


Mexican Veggies Wraps

They say eating with your hands makes things more sensual. These wraps are full of flavor and they’re filling without leaving you feeling bloated. Who wants that? Plus it’ll keep you feeling light for those after dinner activities 😉


Sweet and Spicy Roasted Fennel

Keeping in the theme of eating with your hands. Fennel is packed with benefits that are great for your digestion. Tonight is not the night to be stuck in the bathroom. 

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