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I used to find sheet masks annoying. They would ruin my hair and slide all over my face, I felt like I couldn’t get anything done and although the results were nice it felt like an inconvenience. Recently, I have been VERY into them and the game has changed. There are so many amazing options out there that pack a powerful punch of results while not sliding everywhere and being easy and fun to use! I do find that sheet masks give pretty instant results but I don’t find all of them last. I like to use them for the days my skin feels dull or needs a little umph!

Here are some of the sheet masks I’ve been loving!

Loops Beauty:

This brand is actually owned by Emrata, it’s very affordable and the packaging, while wasteful, is really cute. There are a variety of masks and I generally buy the variety pack because each one has its benefits and all work well.

They are fun to apply and stick on your face nicely and don’t budge. 10 minutes later you have the results you were promised! I will say that like many sheet masks the results last that day and then “taper off” meaning I don’t notice the same results the next day.

111 Skin:

I have only tried a few of their sheet masks but have been truly blown away every time. These are a little pricier but I do find the results to last longer than other brands. I especially like the freeze mask, it really depuffs, tightens and revitalizes. Amazing after a night of drinking or salty foods!


This Korean skincare brand makes so many varieties and I love them all! I like the Pearl and Multivitamin most because they make your skin seriously glow! I recommend using it in the morning so you can get that amazing glow all day long. Like other sheet masks I don’t notice those same results the next day. I also find these to be a little less “comfortable” and they do tend to slide around more but they leave your skin super hydrated. They are also very affordable!

I am also still loving these sheet masks and they are still in my rotation! https://girlslivingwell.com/sheet-masks/

111 skin masksLoops Beauty Face Mask Variety PackLapcos Variety Pack
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