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As some of you may know, Katherine’s father Gary is her OG health guru. Gary’s very informed when it comes to superfoods and natural supplements which is why they’ve been an integral part of his life ever since Katherine was little. It’s safe to say that when Gary is a fan of something it’s usually worth trying, which is why we wanted to share one of his favorites and less known supplements – olive leaf extract. 


It’s common knowledge that olive oil is good for us, so it’s no wonder that olive leaf extract, another olive derivative, would be too. 

There are a few aspects that make olive leaf extract so beneficial including a very high concentration of oleuropein. Oleuropein is a phenolic compound that’s high in antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping protect our bodies against a wide variety of health issues. The levels of oleuropein in olive leaf extract are so high that studies have shown it could even help with cancer prevention. Oleuropein is also known to combat potential indicators for diseases affecting cognitive deterioration such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in addition to helping boost our immune systems.  

Oleanolic acid, which is linked to an increase in energy, is also present in olive leaf extract. Oleanolic acid works in conjunction with bile acids to increase our metabolism and boost the thyroid gland.  

When taken regularly, studies show that olive leaf extract can also have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure and promoting good heart health. Certain compounds found in the leaf’s extract aid in preventing the development of arterial plaques associated with heart attacks and strokes. 

Olive leaf extract assists in decreasing the formation of compounds that cause diabetes and helps lower blood sugar levels. 

Last but definitely not least, olive leaf extract also promotes healthier hair by hydrating and moisturizing hair follicles. In addition, it provides nourishment to and helps soothe irritated skin from causes such as acne or sun damage.  For these reasons, it’s often an ingredient that’s added to high end skincare and haircare products.  


Olive leaf extract comes in 3 different forms: cream, tea and capsules. While the level of oleuropein is much lower in tea form, it’s still worth drinking because it has twice the amount of antioxidants as green tea.

There are so many reasons why olive leaf extract could be a great supplement to add to your life whether it’s for overall good health, disease prevention or great skin and hair. Although it hasn’t been studied as much as some other powerful supplements, there may be some possible side effects which can sometimes include a stomach ache or headache. Although Katherine doesn’t currently use olive oil extract, she has in the past for short periods of time but plans to incorporate it into her routine soon and report back when she does. 

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