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Popcorn is the ultimate snack food and a staple in so many people’s pantries and homes. Years ago, it was always microwave popcorn and then with the emergence of ‘Skinny Pop’ the bagged popcorn world exploded. Popcorn is advertised as a healthy snack food and while it is a low calorie option most of the bagged popcorn isn’t exactly healthy.

The major issue with most packaged health food products is the use of seed oils. It’s very difficult to find a packaged “health food” product that doesn’t contain Canola or Sunflower oil. The issue with these oils is that they are highly refined, processed and in turn extremely inflammatory in the body and over time lead to all kinds of health and digestive issues.

Another issue when it comes to popcorn is that corn, like most grains, is highly genetically modified and sprayed with glyphosate. You really want to be consuming organic popcorn kernels so the choices become even more limited.

We wanted to point out some of the more popular bagged popcorn that you may think are healthy but are in fact cooked in these unhealthy oils. Brands like Skinny Pop, Boom Chicka Pop, Orville Redenbacher, Smart Pop to name a few. Almost all packaged popcorns contain either canola or sunflower oil… or both!

The good news is that making popcorn at home takes all of 5 minutes and it tastes 10x better than anything that comes out of a package. You can buy organic popcorn kernels at almost any health food store or the organic section of most grocery stores. Use either avocado oil, coconut oil, ghee or even olive oil and add some sea salt and toppings of your choice! We recently shared a delicious and easy popcorn recipe made with Herbamare seasoning that is so easy and delicious!

There are also options when it comes to packaged popcorn. The brand Lesser Evil is a great option, they have all different varieties made only with healthy oils!

We hope this makes you take a double look at the ingredients in your favourite snacks and be aware that although it may be marketed as a healthy option it doesn’t mean it is!

Have you tried our Best Homemade Popcorn?

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