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With the heat wave warning still in effect here in Montreal, we need some sure-fast ways to help cool down. These budget-friendly ideas will do wonders to keep you cool all summer long. 

Kiddie pool – not just for the kiddos

Make your own Freezies


Neck/Face Fan 


Facial Mists 

Iced coffee – with oat milk preferably 😉

Fresh Fruit — watermelon, freeze the pieces for enhanced cold

Slushies (homemade) 

Coconut water or iced water in insulated bottle — super fresh
Burcu Atalay Tankut/Getty Images
Wear light clothes

Additional Tips About the Sun and Heat:

  • The sun is the most intense between 11am and 4pm – keep your outdoor activities avoiding those hours
  • Wear a hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Find a big tree for shade
  • Stay hydrated – water is best but up it with fruit infused water for additional hydration. 
  • Cool your pillow in the fridge for when you sleep
  • Mist bottle for face
  • Keep your ice stock high – freeze plastic bottles, bags of ice

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