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If you didn’t already know you need to know that honey is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Not only is it sweet and delicious but it is packed with good for you healing properties and benefits. The queen bee of all honeys is Manuka Honey which comes from New Zealand, by bees pollinating the Manuka bushes. Unlike regular honeys that you can find at your local grocery store, Manuka honey has been found to have incredible healing, antibiotic, antimicrobial properties. We view this as far more than a sweetener, Manuka honey is multi beneficial superfood that has amazing benefits:

  • Manuka honey is known to be a natural antibiotic, and so it has become a staple in any cold or flu remedy. At the first sign of feeling sick take a tbsp. 
  • Using Manuka honey topically onto acne or eczema can help reduce redness and inflammation. During flare ups using it directly on the affected area will calm the irritation and help it clear.  
  • Manuka Honey is also linked with improving our oral hygiene too. Studies have found that the antimicrobial activity in the honey can decrease plaque and gingivitis, just from chewing or sucking on it. It also has been linked preventing tooth decay as it is rich in calcium, zinc and phosphorus, all nutrients important for strong and healthy teeth. Luckily there are Manuka Lozenges to suck on 
  • A spoonful of honey IS the medicine! The antibacterial properties present in Manuka honey have been shown to improve sore and scratchy throats as well as boost immunity. Manuka honey actually stops the growth of strep-throat bacteria so taking down a spoonful can actually help stop an infection from getting worse. 
  • Hay fever got you down? Manuka honey has also been found to be a hero when it comes to combating seasonal allergies. The use of Manuka honey in particular reduced both symptoms and the need for people to turn to regular antihistamine use. 
  • Want to sleep more soundly? Manuka honey. Ingesting it before bed helps release melatonin, which you need for a restful sleep. So no need for melatonin pills anymore… Just Manuka!

In the interest of looking good (and feeling good), ingesting Manuka honey daily has been dubbed the new daily elixir. Its nutrient-dense profile helps boost energy levels, leaving you feeling full of vim, vigor and vitality. Not to mention, it has been linked to improved skin and hair texture. You can use it topically on both your face and in your hair. Or you can integrate some into your morning elixir to get the benefits on the inside as well.

Now, not all Manuka honeys are created equal either. Due to industrialization, even Manuka honey isn’t what it used to be. Honeys can be bought: 

  • Raw or pasteurized
  • Filtered or unfiltered
  • Comb (with the edible beeswax inside) liquid or whipped
  • Local or imported

Like anything else, you get what you pay for. To get good honey today, you pretty much have to go to your local health food store, local farm co-op or go online to purchase the real deal. When it comes to an amazing product that is as versatile and effective as Manuka honey, you won’t want to skimp – it really is worth it.

Lastly! Don’t cook or heat this too high it will destroy the properties, it is best taken straight (almost as a medicine) or can be use to sweeten tea, as long as the water isn’t boiling hot. This honey comes with a hefty price tag so don’t waste it’s goodness on baking!  



Emma started her journey after graduating from Fashion Marketing and then Public Relations. After working for a few fashion companies, Emma met Katherine in 2018 after collaborating with her. Emma is now the COO and manages the day-to-day operations and marketing communications of KGMTL and Girls Living Well. Emma is a handbag feen and avid reader.

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