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My name is Amanda Smith and I am a weight loss, intuitive eating, healthy habits and fitness coach that has spent the past 5 years helping myself and hundreds of others on our journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle. I also used to be addicted to nicotine — specifically, I was addicted to the JUUL. Despite a yearlong dependence, I managed to overcome my addiction and can proudly say that I now live a carefree, nicotine-free life — but that wouldn’t have been possible without the tips, tricks, and principles I used to guide me through my recovery.

I had tried everything to get over my JUUL addiction. It wasn’t until I truly believed in the following analogy that I was able to start the process whole-heartedly. I was constantly being held back, and stunted to reach my goals.

When I started to think about quitting vaping the following way, it all changed for me:

  • There’s a HUNGRY nicotine monster living inside of you.
  • The more you feed it, the stronger and louder it becomes.
  • If you starve it, it might cry and scream for food (nicotine).
  • When you give in, you strengthen it.
  • When you starve it, it gets louder at first but also weaker.
  • If you ignore it, it won’t won’t have enough strength to ask for nicotine. It will die. That’s the goal.

When you’re addicted, you are in a constant nicotine deficit that must be satisfied. I believed that I would suffer from that empty feeling forever… but I was wrong. Any time I would listen to the monster’s cry, I was able to clearly pinpoint what stage in this journey I was in. When I became an observer of my thoughts rather than a victim to them, I’ve been able to reach my every goal, including quitting nicotine.

You didn’t always crave nicotine or think about getting your fix.

The only reason why you crave it now is because the nicotine is still in your system.


One of the many many tips from the NS – how to deal with a craving in the moment:

-Change activities immediately. When a craving hits, switch to doing something different. For example, if I got a craving while watching a movie, I would do something else. For example, I would get up to get a drink of water, go for a stroll, clean, FaceTime a friend, ANYTHING. When I became distracted with something else, this would help me delay or overcome the craving for hours.

-Differentiating between angel and devil voice: Listen to the right inner voice. I’d always tell myself, “I’m so weak when it comes to nicotine” or, “I can’t do this.” By telling yourself these things, you are LYING to yourself so can continue vaping. Every time you think such thoughts, ask yourself who is speaking: Is it the “angel’s voice” that wants what’s best for you, or is the “devil’s voice” (otherwise known as the nicotine monster) that wants what’s best for the addiction? Once you are able to differentiate between those two inner voices, you will be closer to optimizing your self-control.We all have an angel voice and a devil’s voice. The angel voice wants to give you positive thoughts, help you voice positive speech and encourage you to display positive actions. The devil voice can get in the way, but the more you push the devil voice out, the weaker it gets. How do you push the devil voice out? You imagine what the angel voice would say to you in the moment and manifest those thoughts. The angel voice wants the best for you so listen to it and allow it to be your biggest support. You need to believe in yourself above all.

The Nicotine Slave” is a self-help ebook focused on helping you curb your nicotine addiction in a realistic and empowering way. All the content in this book is drawn from real experience in the hope of providing readers with motivation, compassion, and understanding. Including principles to follow for guaranteed success, mindset hacks, a workbook, and different programs to choose from based on your lifestyle and personality  type, “The Nicotine Slave” has everything you need to reclaim control of your life and bid your nicotine dependence farewell.

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Article contributed by Amanda Smith
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