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Digestion is an essential and intricate process that can sometimes use a little extra help for optimal health. In addition to a healthy diet, supplements are also a  great option which is why we’ve been loving the A. Vogel Digestive Aid Complex capsules. With a strong nutritional profile, this supplement consists of artichoke leaf, boldo leaf, milk Thistle fruit and dandelion leaf and root; a powerful combination that can significantly benefit the digestive process. 

Artichoke Leaf –   As a popular medicinal herb, artichoke leaf contains fiber, inulin, polyphenols and vitamin C, in addition to a variety of minerals. It also possesses many healthy compounds that can aid with digestion such as cynarin, which not only helps move things along in the gut and incites bile production, but it also supports vitamin absorption and fat digestion.  

Boldo Leaf – Boldo is a tree that grows in the Andes mountains. The leaves of the boldo tree have been used medicinally for thousands of years to treat a number of health issues. One of the most well-known benefits is associated with digestive health, since the boldo leaf can reduce mild gastrointestinal spasms and gallstones while increasing bile flow and killing bacteria.

Milk Thistle Fruit –  Milk thistle fruit is a great natural remedy for indigestion and is even considered a mild laxative by some. For over 2000 years, milk thistle fruit has been helping heal our digestive tracts by relieving symptoms and discomfort linked to digestive issues.  

Dandelion Leaf and Root – Whether it’s soothing an upset stomach, balancing the good bacteria in the intestine, releasing increased amounts of bile or relieving constipation, consuming dandelion leaf and root is a great natural way to help with mild digestive issues. 

Although all of the ingredients in A. Vogel Digestive Aid Complex capsules are natural, these pills can still have various side effects, especially if you have certain medical conditions. As such, make sure to speak to your health care practitioner and do your research before you start using them.

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